Welcome to our “regather” family – we live on a 90-acre dairy farm with 4 generations of family in Parksville, BC. We have two young kids and tend to fill our days with things relating to family, food, faith, and foraging.

Rebecca, an elementary teacher by trade, is currently home full-time with our kids. Ray worked in  church ministry up until recently and is now a cheese maker in our family business, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks.

This is a brand new blog, but over the course of 2018 you can check in to find a variety of posts, from us and some close friends and family on a wide variety of topics. We’re exploring what it means to “regather” as a family, and as a community, around enjoying the outdoors year-round, sourcing and sharing wild and home-grown foods, music, crafts, and how it all is enriched and driven by a love for Jesus.